“Tasha is always on the ball & extremely hungry. She’s willing to go as far as you are to deliver excellence – a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Wretch 32, Artist

“Tasha Demi is one of the most innovative and hard working people that I have worked with in the music industry. Her determination to ensure a successful campaign really makes a difference. I can not endorse her enough.”

Zeon Richards, Head of A&R – Ministry of Sound / Director – Renowned Management

Tasha is highly respected by her colleagues and those in the industry she works in. She co-ordinates and skillfully manages a lot of personalities involved with her role but is able to bring the best out of everyone. Her enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize her team. With this, Tasha makes life easier for her team and for that, is a vital individual for any team.

Patrick, Ramz Manager

I’ve worked with Tasha Demi in various capacities over the years, and she always gives 100%, no matter the project. Tash is one of the hardest working music creatives I know, when I take her on board for a project, I can guarantee she’ll show up full of ideas, with boundless energy and years of expert experience. She is the ultimate professional, and totally committed to her love of music, and the music industry. You couldn’t hire anyone better.

Rachel White, Director – Brick